Friday, February 10, 2012

Puerto Del Sol Bay

Puerto Del Sol Bay

Laze around our beachfront Swimming Pool, or Tropical Island hopping, white sand beach barbeques, kayaking up the Dipuyay or Busuanga Rivers "Indiana Jones style" or between White Sand Islands,

Puerto Del Sol Bay

Day trips by boat to Coron Island Lagoons and Thermal Lakes, Calauit African Wildlife Safari Park, Sagrada Waterfalls, Historic CullionTown.

Puerto Del Sol Bay

Water sports, such as wreck diving, reef diving, drift diving, snorkelling, guided jet ski safaris, kayaking and Wind Kiteing.

Puerto Del Sol Bay

Super Sport Fishing center coming soon, etc.

Ride Horses or Mountain Bikes on tropical Forest trails.

Live aboard Safaris available for diving or cruising on our large motor yachts.

The Resort is built on a dramatic tropical forested point that projects like a private island into Puerto Del Sol Bay, the Resort is Suite Cottage style, featuring spacious ocean view Suite Cottages, each with it's own adjacent Private Pavilion, perfect for lounging around or just hanging in a hammock, watching the spectacular sunsets or the yachts in our marina.

Surrounded by water on both sides, you feel like you are on a private tropical island.

Puerto Del Sol Bay
Tel 63(0)908 889 0866
Mobile: 09088890866 - 09209012414 - 09289559994

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