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Leticia by the Sea

Leticia by the Sea

Leticia by the Sea offers an experience that is intimate and discreet. We provide a natural setting that is uniquely beautiful with facilities and service that ensure exclusivity and privacy.

Leticia by the Sea

Life is a beach at Leticia by the Sea as you surround yourself with glassy seas, powder white sand, and coconut trees complemented by a dedicated and gracious staff. Enjoy fresh coconut juice on palm shaded hammocks, star-lit dining , or just lay at the beach and take your body where the mind is sure to wander.

Leticia by the Sea

Talicud Island, a separate islet that belongs to the Island Garden City of Samal, has long been a hidden paradise for those who crave for a remote getaway while still being able to go back to the city within two hours of boat travel.

Here, portions of land are bought by families who build their own private retreats or public resorts. One of these is the still unknown Leticia by the Sea. Inspired by a vision, the owners slowly built a hidden paradise by carefully following the land’s terrain and rocky cliffs so as not to drastically alter the environment. Cottages were built overlooking a spectacular view of the turquoise sea.

Although these houses, scattered in a rolling landscape of colorful gardens and trees, were more of Balinese influence, everything else was of Filipino touch. Open cabanas protect your sleeping quarters with a white flowing curtain while affording you a view of the open sea and the cool breeze. The cottages, pavilion with a view deck and dorm were constructed with coco lumber, amakan, hard wood bamboo and nipa, complemented with interesting artifacts and antiques the family bought from the province of Negros. Antique day beds, old lamps, tarnished bancas, ship rudders, an old river boat for hauling sugar cane, cabinets and an ethnic head statue are just a few of the many objects that are strategically placed all over the place to give you a rustic but cozy atmosphere.

Leticia by the Sea
Talicud Island, Island Garden City of Samal
Davao del Norte
Tel # +63 82 2240501

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