Monday, February 27, 2012

Bali Bali Beach Resort

Bali Bali Beach Resort

Bali Bali Beach Resort got its name from the word “bali bali”, which, in the native dialect of Pangasinan, means “beautiful”. Thus, a beautiful resort. The one-hectare property is located at the southwest coastline of the Island Garden City of Samal.

Bali Bali Beach Resort

Bali Bali is a semi-private resort. It operates on pre-arranged, pre-booked accommodations. No walk-ins are allowed.

The resort boasts of its features that promote tranquility, serenity and privacy. The design is Asian inspired with six villas of different room themes.

The Pavilion serves as the main hall where guests coming in by land or by boat are welcomed. Here, food is served to guests visiting the resort either on day tour or overnight packages.

Fronting the pavilion is the main attraction of this part of the resort. The infinity pool. This stretches its beautiful view up to the ocean.

Bali Bali joins the number of resorts nestling in the Island Garden City of Samal. But with pride we offer a different kind of experience that’s worth your visit — your time. Because you deserve the best vacation in a tranquil, serene and private place along with the beautiful nature you are blessed with.

Bali Bali Beach Resort
Brgy. Catagman, Island Garden City of Samal,
Davao del Norte, Philippines

Belisario Drive, Lanang,
Davao City ·
+63(82)234-6415 ·
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