Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Isla Jardin Del Mar

Glan’s newest white beach resort opens 

Situated at what was once a secluded cove along the shorelines of Gumasa, right after the property of the Salazars and the Adarna’s, the whole resort occupies a total of 34 hectares, half of which have earmarked for development.

Isla Jardin Del Mar which literally means “Island Garden of the Sea” in Spanish is managed by Charlemagne “Wanchin” Tan-Delfino. She gushes about how the provincial Governor Migs Dominguez and Glan Municipality Mayor Yoyong Yap were instrumental in the resort’s development with their provision for a road to be built from the highway to the beach.

Why that name? Because if viewed from the air, Isla Jardin del Mar looks like a “peninsula connected to a small island… with the cottages and a restaurant floating over two separate white sand bars.”, according to the Sarangani Provincial Office P.R. The P.R. continues: “The pinkish white shoreline stretches and curves 750 meters, which gives one an impression that the beachfront is part of a small island”.

Isla Jardin Del Mar
Address: Manando, Gumasa, Glan, Sarangani Province, Philippines
Telephone: +63 83 893 0031 | +63 83 893 0032
Mobile Phone Number: +63 919 768 7544 SMART

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