Monday, August 20, 2012

Romblon's Exclusive Resort

Villa M 

Villa M, an exclusive resort located in Looc, Tablas Island, Romblon. This resort is open from January to May and October to December. During the period of monsoon from June to September, Villa M is close.

A stunning private villa owned and operated by Gunter and Joanne Matschuck. Villa M’s 2.5 hectare property overlooks Looc’s Buenavista Bay and rests upon lush grounds, punctuated by its clifftop meditation temple. Villa M fuses the tropical elements of a genteel Filipino lifestyle with the European attention to detail and sensibilities. The eleven different rooms are spread out among the property in Mediterranean-inspired terracotta structures, separated and canopied by coconut trees, mango trees, and bougainvilleas.

Villa M

Villa M has grown from its two-room beginnings at the Main House in 1989 to a sprawling estate that has expanded into a separate Honeymooner’s Cabana, and a Casita that boasts one of the best views on the island. Enjoy a cocktail while watching a spectacular sunset by the bar, or while your worries away at the Gazebo looking over the picturesque Buenavista Bay.

Villa M

Villa M has its own small Chapel located at the hilltop of the Matschuck property overlooking Looc Bay, and Buenavista Bay, a 90 steps to visit the Chapel with the spectacular scenery is a must. Enjoy the grandeur of the Philippine islands within the peaceful calm of Villa M.

Villa M
Looc, Tablas Island, Romblon

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