Friday, February 15, 2013

Arena Island - Palawan's best-kept secret

An untouched paradise
Nestled in Narra, a coastal municipality of Palawan, Arena Island sits on a thriving coral reef, home to a diverse marine life and resources. Enjoy the pristine waters while snorkeling and diving. Its white sand beach entices guests and visitors to explore, swim, and be one with the original residents of the island, the Pawikan. Trees abundantly grow in the island, making it an ideal home for a number of endemic birds.

An exquisite experience
Own this secluded island for a whole weekend and indulge in the luxury of your own private casita. Rejuvenate in your exclusive spa with the professional services of your personal therapist, and a butler to attend to your every need. Experience island living at its best.

Travel for a greener world
Designed with ecotourism in mind, Arena Island contributes a green print through its commitment to preserve the Pawikan, the Philippines’ native sea turtles. Your visit to the island not only promotes your well-being, but also puts a positive mark to the environment.

Committed to conservation
Espousing sustainable practices, providing modern amenities made with careful thought for the environment, Arena Island allows you to kick off your shoes, step into luxurious island living without the guilt of leaving carbon footprints behind.

CID, Inc.
Arena Island's communication partner
+63 (02) 401.9778
+63922 533 8471,

Fuji Rodriguez
+63917 528 1196
Chit Rodriguez
+63917 850 0915

Arena Island
Barangay Panacan, Narra, Palawan, Philippines
Phone: (02) 401 9778
Email :
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  1. Another paradise island from the Philippines, Like other Asian countries Philippines is so blessed with lots of beautiful island and beaches.